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About Us

ATRA machinery which has started activity in 2001 in İzmir, is one of those firms that has made an impression with its bakery and pastry equipments production.

Being experienced for many years and having high technological knowledge, ATRA Machinery's professional staff have been producing spiral dough kneaders, planetary mixers and bread slicers as main items. Besides these machines, dough cutters, rounders and moulders which are started to produce in 2012, responded the need of the sector for these items.

Having a stable increasing momentum, ATRA Machinery has assured its place in national and international market with its quality policy in production, range of product which is formed according to needs and demands of the customers, after sale maintenance service, attention to human health and environmental health.

The importance placing to quality in production has been crowned with CE and ISO-9001 Certificates.

ATRA Machinery goes on its complete customer satisfaction works with being a world brand target which puts forward product quality.